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Intelligent Cranium Helmets Early Bird Offer Extended

Intelligent Cranium Helmets prolonged the early-bird campaign for their iC-R smart helmet, and customers who missed the initial offer can still make a deposit to secure a lower price for this interesting lid.
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Intelligent Cranium Helmets iC-RIntelligent Cranium Helmets iC-RIntelligent Cranium Helmets iC-RIntelligent Cranium Helmets iC-RIntelligent Cranium Helmets iC-R
The iC-R can still be had for 20% less than what it will go for when hitting the mass production phase. Customers who want to step into the new motorcycling era can pre-order the iC-R helmet with a $300 (€268) deposit, and then pay only an additional $899 (€805). The iC-R is intended to sell for $1,499 (€1,340) after the campaigns reach an end and the product is ready.

The Intelligent Cranium Helmets iC-R is a patent-pending smart helmet that integrates two rear-view cameras that provide a 210-degree fired of view that also covers the blind spots. The image is streamed live to not one but two heads-up LCD displays inside the lid.

Thanks to the advanced software, these displays can be configured to show various information, such as incoming calls, navigation, telemetry data and much more. The chin bar also has tiny LEDs that light up when a vehicle is detected behind the rider.

The LEDs will flash amber every 2 seconds when a vehicle is detected at less than 420 feet (128 meters), and will change to red, blinking at 1-second intervals when a vehicle is closer than 120 ft (73 m). We're not sure how pleasant this blinking-inside-the-helmet is going to be during nighttime rides, but it looks like the manufacturers of this helmet are fine with this.

Other features include high-definition stereo speakers, a rider-activated electro-tinted visor, solar recharging, Bluetooth connectivity with handheld devices and intercom capabilities with other iC-R helmets.

Intelligent Cranium Helmets says that the iC-R beta helmet completion is projected for July 2016, and the start of production is slated for December this year. The funds secured through this early-bird campaign extension will be directed "towards project development, testing and enhancing the final iC-R model," the manufacturer adds.

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