Intellacar Mobile Sales Presentation Platform Launched

The automotive industry is constantly making efforts to improve itself and while the carmakers develop more advanced vehicles, the sales process also needs to be upgraded in order to keep up with the complex demands of the contemporary market.

This is why various developers are introducing innovative sales instruments, with the latest development of this kind being the IntellaCar Mobile Sales Presentation Platform.

Intellacar empowers sales consultants with a one-stop source of information, using an intuitive information and including product features/benefits, walkarounds, competitive comparisons, technology demonstrations, third-party reviews and others.

"The information is prioritized and aggregated using IntellaCar's proprietary Optimized Information Delivery system, based on customer purchase motivations and summarized for a quick read during the sale. The accurate, unbiased information gives customers a better understanding of the vehicle and a more confident, gratifying purchase experience. For dealerships, the differentiating dealer-specific content, such as inventory and "Why Buy Here," provides a further competitive edge. IntellaCar's mobile platform runs on iPhone, iPad and iTouch, enabling it to be used anywhere, in or out of the dealership," stated the press release, explaining how the new tool works.

Intellacar pilot tests have taken place at various Toyota dealerships, showing a high level of satisfaction among dealers.

"The three things that IntellaCar has brought to the team are 1) the speed with which they can deliver information to the consumer that is relevant, precise and accurate, 2) its mobility doesn't limit them to sitting at a sales station and 3) it helps new sales people acclimate to the product knowledge they're going to need a lot faster," Mike Shum, General Manager at Sunnyvale Toyota, one of the participating dealers.


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