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Insane P85D Acceleration Sends Items Flying Though the Tesla's Cabin

America was quick to love the Tesla Model S, not because it was green, but because it was fast. And last year, an even more impressive version was launched, the P95D, featuring a twin-motor setup that seems to shame every popular supercar on the planet.
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With instant power and torque being sent to all wheels, the acceleration of this four-door sedan is right up there with the best of them. We've already seen how people react to that, but what about everyday objects you may have around your car.

Well, the guys at DragTimes have done an experiment where the 1.3 G acceleration is tested on a tablet, a smartphone, a banana and a couple of kids who probably think they have the coolest dad in the the world.

DragTimes say they've hear numerous reports of phones breaking in the P85 because they fly though the cabin and hit the center console. In slow motion, you can really see how forces of acceleration work here. The moment the driver hits the pedal, there are smiles, laughs and the sound of tires being tortured by 691 horsepower.

As a reminder, the recent over-the-air software update that Tesla did, has dropped the 0 to 60 mph time of the P85D from 3.2 seconds down to just 3.1 seconds. That kind of makes it the fastest car in the world that can do the school run and save the polar bears in Antarctica.

If you'd like to know more about the car, we strongly recommend that you check out this 40-minute walkaround video of the car. Remember, this is a $130,000 EV with every bell and whistle imaginable, not a $25,000 Nissan Leaf.

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