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Insane 1971 K-Swapped Mini Clubman Is an Absolute Corner Ripper

The K-swap is perhaps the most popular engine conversion for car enthusiasts after the small-block Chevy V8. You only need to do a YouTube search on “K-swap” to discover the K-Series engine used in just about every type of vehicle imaginable. Owen Forrest and Stuart Hoy from Motor Addicts had the exclusive chance to check out and drive an insane 359 bhp K-swapped Mini Clubman.
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K-Swapped Mini ClubmanK-Swapped Mini ClubmanK-Swapped Mini ClubmanK-Swapped Mini ClubmanK-Swapped Mini Clubman
The Honda K-Series is no stranger to the global tuner market, and it’s been 20 years since it first appeared. It is currently the most prevalent Japanese engine out there. This engine is lovable for a reason; it is plentiful in both U.S. and U.K markets. It also offers a great potential of power for lightweight vehicles. Alex’s Mini Clubman is a mad K20 swapped 1971 Clubman weighing about 1,433 pounds.

This Mini has quite an impressive spec sheet. It comes with an Ep3 K20 engine, a standalone ECU, a limited-slip standard box, coilovers, in-board front suspension, Wheel Wood front caliper suspension, full roll cage, and a carbon fiber dash. Alex jokes that everything on the Mini Clubman is different apart from the VIN plate.

Underneath the hood, the Clubman has an unusual setup from what you’d commonly expect. There is no engine but a neatly tucked fuel system and an in-board front suspension.

The interior is minimalistic with a Digi-dash in place of the initial speed cluster with oil pressure, temperature, rpm, and speed. It’s also got a rev limiter and a flashing gear change light. All the magic is at the rear with an all-clean Ep3 K20 naturally aspirated engine mated to a six-speed transmission,  making 240 hp.

Forrest gets into the K-Swapped Mini Clubman with Alex behind the wheels. He sends it down the highway and it sounds like a motorbike. The noise that comes out of the engine is absolute perfection. On the road, the Clubman is very compliant. It is firm and doesn’t bounce around. Forrest can’t keep his excitement as the car outrageously revs through the highway.

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