Innovative Hydrogen Hub in California Turns Waste Into “Greener Than Green” Fuel

You can’t talk about the future of the automotive industry without mentioning hydrogen. Although controversial, one thing is certain about it – green is better. And, if it can also help get rid of urban waste, all the better. Two companies have the ambitious goal of introducing “greener than green” refueling stations for vehicles, and the first hub has been successfully launched.
Hyzon intends to make this green hydrogen fuel available for its trucking customers 9 photos
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Rochester-based Hyzon is becoming a power player in the hydrogen-powered trucking industry, with innovative objectives such as developing the heaviest hydrogen-powered truck in the world and one that can reach a 1,000-mile (1,609 km) range. Together with Raven, a renewable fuels company, Hyzon is also planning to introduce 1,000 green hydrogen hubs.

Raven is already building its first waste-to-green hydrogen production hub in Northern California, at Republic Services’ West Contra Costa Sanitary Landfill. Hydrogen fuel will be obtained through a process called steam/CO2 reformation, which is supposed to be one of the few non-combustion processes of this type. This is important because it doesn’t also produce toxic pollutants, and it helps obtain more green hydrogen per ton of waste.

Basically, this technology creates green hydrogen fuel, while also getting rid of the negative effects of municipal solid waste (which is also a source of toxic emissions). Raven is set to process almost 100 tons of waste per day, at the landfill site, which will result in 2,000 metric-tons of green hydrogen, per year.

Hyzon plans to eventually align its refueling infrastructure with these production sites, so that fleet operators can manage their zero-emissions vehicles much easier. This way, another benefit of the waste-to-hydrogen production hubs will be the overall reduced cost for truck fleet operators.

Raven’s first green hydrogen production hub will become operational by the summer of 2022, and 249 of these will follow, as an important step toward Hyzon’s goal of getting up to 1,000 hydrogen hubs.

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