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Ingenious Woman Turns a Vintage Speedboat Into a Quirky Swimming Pool

If this speedboat has a mind of its own, we bet it could have never imagined becoming a pool in someone’s backyard someday. What matters is that instead of being abandoned, it got a new life, even if it’s a highly unusual one for a boat.
A woman turned a 1970s speedboat into an original swimming pool 7 photos
Woman Turns a Speedboat into a PoolChestnut Canoe CompanyChestnut Canoe Company BoatWoman Turns a Speedboat into a PoolChestnut Canoe Company BoatChestnut Canoe Company Boat
Some of the world’s greatest inventions were born out of need. When the human mind wants something, it can come up with incredible solutions. A woman from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, wanted a pool for her and her three-year-old daughter.

Stock tanks, which are steel tanks used on farms for livestock, are apparently one of the latest trends when it comes to unusual DIY pools. But they were too expensive, Olivia Kendall told CBC News, so she had the very creative idea of using an old speedboat instead.

The 1970s boat was a Chestnut Canoe Company model, and she found it on Facebook Marketplace. It cost a little over $200 (CAD$300), but it needed quite a bit of work to be turned into a pool. It took approximately one month to complete this unique project. Olivia had to cover the boat’s deck with a pool liner, drill holes into its hull for the pool hoses, and add a waterfall attachment that funnels the filtered water back into the pool.

The basic equipment, including the pool pump, the sand filter, and a chlorinator that makes chlorine gas from water-dissolved salt, were also purchased second-hand to keep the costs low. The added bonus was that Olivia got precious advice from all the sellers she got in contact with.

Last but not least, the former motor boat got a pretty umbrella, a storage bin for drinks, and will soon get some lights, too. Some might say it’s a shame that a vintage boat will never be on the water again, but nobody can deny that this unusual DIY project is ingenious and maybe even inspirational for others.

The Chestnut Canoe Company was founded by the Chestnut family in Fredericton, New Brunswick, by the end of the 1890s and stayed in business until 1979. Some of its last motor boat models can still be found and given a second life, as was the case with this particular one in Nova Scotia.

Editor's note: Gallery showing classic boats from the Chestnut Canoe Company


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