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Influencer You've Never Heard of Robs Bank, Buys Motorcycle, Gets Caught

Reality does not always provide the same outcome as movie scripts do, even if the latter is inspired by the former. A 23-year-old man found that out the hard way after robbing a bank and buying a motorcycle the next day. The beauty in this story is how he was caught by the police the next day.
23-year-old man buys motorcycle with cash stolen from a bank at gunpoint 6 photos
23-year-old man buys motorcycle with cash stolen from a bank at gunpoint23-year-old man buys motorcycle with cash stolen from a bank at gunpointVietcombank transaction office (Dinh Vu Street, Hai 2 Dong District, Hai An District, Hai Phong City)The suspect as he robs the bank on January 7, 2022The suspect as he robs the bank on January 7, 2022
Before we get to that, let us walk you through the facts. It all started last Friday, on January 7, 2022, when a man robbed a bank at gunpoint. The masked perpetrator managed to exit the bank with approximately 3.5 billion VND.

That amount means 3.5 billion Vietnamese Dong, which is the equivalent of $154,181. The perpetrator even stole the branch security officer's motorcycle for his getaway, reports claim.

Since the person who robbed the Viectombank in the Hai An District of Hai Phong City, Vietnam, was masked and left no fingerprints on the scene, police turned to social media with still frames from the security footage. As usual, law enforcement officers asked the public if they recognized the person in the images.

Well, as you have already figured out by now, someone has recognized the perpetrator. How? You may ask. This is where the story takes a turn for a straight-to-DVD movie, as the suspect went and bought a brand-new motorcycle with cash the next day.

He acquired a 2021 Kawasaki ZX-10 R, and the people at the dealer were so happy about the sale that they handed the customer a bouquet. Great customer service, right?

After making a cash purchase of a new motorcycle, which would stand out in many countries, the man decided it would be cool to flex on social media with his new "purchase."

The last bit was not exactly a Mensa-member-level smart move, but the worst is yet to come. The police did not discover the link between the suspect and the purchase from the social media post alone.

As VisorDown notes, the man who was born in 1998 (set to turn 24 in 2022, likely in prison) was a popular presence on social media in Vietnam.

It is believed that one of his followers on social media tipped off the police after recognizing him in the CCTV footage and linking his recent purchase to a conceivable way that explained his newfound wealth.

The police have managed to recover the motorcycle and the rest of the money that was stolen, along with the gun that the thief used to threaten the bank's employees.

In other words, being an influencer might have its perks in some countries, but flying under the radar after committing a felony is not one of them. The best part about this entire thing is that nobody was injured in the whole thing, so it should be a nice script for a popcorn movie later.

Editor's note: The photo gallery shows images of the 23-year-old as he receives the new motorcycle he'd just bought with the money he had allegedly stolen from the bank a day prior.


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