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Infiniti Unveils High Performance Concept Car, It's Called Project Black S

Infiniti has worked with its partners at RenaultSport Formula One Team to develop a performance version of the Q60 Coupe.
Infiniti Project Black S 4 photos
Infiniti Project Black SInfiniti Project Black SInfiniti Project Black S
The Japanese brand calls the result Project S, and it explores the possibility of a high-performance model line from Infiniti. The company will unveil it at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, and the first teaser images, which are quite revealing, look like something that we would love to drive.

Working with a Formula One team got Infiniti an advanced hybrid setup, which would be the most affordable KERS system offered on a road car if this would be turned into a production model. Infiniti calls it ERS, which is short for Energy Recovery System, and it operates as a hybrid, but with significant power gains.

Infiniti claims that the system offers “lag-free acceleration,” along with a boost of power and torque with kinetic energy harvested during braking. The Japanese brand insists that the technology featured in this model does not exist in a current road car (no pun intended), so this is something that would make the automaker stand out with is performance division.

Volvo is also working on performance hybrids, which means that we should expect the “horsepower wars,” previously held between the German premium trio, to continue to take place in this century, but with new players and new “guns.”

Infiniti says it will not launch a production model based on this concept just yet, and that it wants to gauge public interest in high-performance derivatives of Infiniti automobiles.

We do not want to be Captain Obvious here, but Infiniti’s rivals have had performance divisions for years, and each competitor sells broad ranges of products that have been enhanced by those departments.

Evidently, as Infiniti underlined, there is no high-performance hybrid on the market with this kind of Formula 1 technology on board, but Mercedes-AMG is working on a hypercar that will feature an F1-derived engine.

Unlike the Mercedes-AMG hypercar, the result of Infiniti’s Project Black S has the potential of being affordable for mere mortals that have not made their “first million.”

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