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Infiniti Releases Coupe Teaser and Trademarks JX Name

Browsing the web for Infiniti-related information these days shows that the automotive producer be preparing preparing something new and hot.

The image you see in front of you is a teaser released on the company’s U.S. website. This could show that the company is preparing a new coupe model.

But the story doesn’t seem to end here, as the carmaker has reportedly filed trademark requests for multiple new names, with the move not necessarily being linked to this teaser.

According to caranddriver, Nissan (the owner of Infiniti) has made efforts to secure the JX20, JX25, JX 30 and JX 25h names. The first speculation that comes to mind is that Nissan’s premium division is preparing a vehicle that would be aimed at the German competition. In other words, Infiniti might want some of Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz’s market share.

The “X” in the names might indicate the fact that the model we are talking about is an SUV (yes, this would be BMW language use). As for the number, it would indicate the engine size, with a hybrid version of the vehicle also planned.

However, this might just be a false alarm or a time bomb that is set to go off many years from now. This is because the Japanese automotive producer has made a similar move in the past, but with no real-life consequences. The company has patented the WX35, PX35 and DX35 names, but no vehicle using any of these these names has ever been born.


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