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Infiniti QX60 Commercial Promotes Backup Collision Intervention

The eye-catching 7-seater that Infiniti developed on se same platform as the Nissan Pathfinder is already one of their most successful models ever, mainly due to its practicality and affordability. However, as with most other new Infinitis, there's also a safety-conscious side to it, built around the latest detection technology.
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This is what the latest QX60 commercial launched in America focuses on in a clever and simple manner. Since the only people who want 7-seater SUVs are family men and women, it needs to be extra-safe, which it does with the help of a system called Backup Collision Intervention.

It detects crossing vehicles and objects behind the vehicle and, when necessary, will automatically engage the brakes to help avoid a collision. Infiniti tells us not expect BCI to detect every object, especially in situations where you're backing up at considerable speed. But it's an extra layer of safety that's nice to have.

What we liked about the Q60 commercial is not the camera work or the clever "Reverse Worries" title. It's the shot where they highlight the danger of bay parking that got out attention. It's something every motorist has dealt with in his life at least once, maybe with a situation where the other guy was going the wrong way.

The QX60 also comes with Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection and Blind Spot Intervention, which assists you back into the lane if you begin to move out. Also installed on this SUV, the Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) will automatically activate when it detects that you’re drifting toward lane markers and automatically applies the brakes and assists your QX60 back into its current lane.

Retailing for around $43,000 (including destination), the QX60 is offered with FWD and AWD, both powered by the same V6 engine. It competes for customers with the Acura MDX, the Toyota Highlander and Lexus RX 350. But how many of those come with this level of safety tech.

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