Infiniti Q50 Drives Itself at 100 KM/H with Nobody in the Seat

Infiniti Q50 Drives Itself at 100 KM/H with Nobody in the Seat 1 photo
After seeing how a soda can taped to the steering wheel transforms the Mercedes S-Class into an autonomous vehicle, the owner of this Infiniti must have thought to himself: "Hold on, my car is just as technologically advanced as anything the Germans make. Why don't I try that as well?"

And he did, with quite amazing results. This Austrian fellow discovered he doesn't even need to stick a can of soda to the steering wheel to simulate a driver's hand. The Infiniti is fine with taking care of the steering for you, even in the relatively unsafe circumstance where you've completely let go of the controls.

After that, the driver decided to take things even further by becoming a passenger. And what do you know? The Q50 isn't even phased by not feeling the weight of the driver on the seat. It simply continues gliding down the highway at some speed. Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (has been changed to Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner) and the fact that the car is going down the highway at 100 km/h really made out hair stand on end.

The Infiniti driverless stunt is sure to give people lots of crazy ideas. Who's to say you can't get into the car drunk, jump into the passenger seat and let the car cruise down the highway until you're home. And if the police do catch you, the case will probably take years to settle. And what happens if you jump out the window like that guy in the i3 did? It will probably keep driving until it runs out of fuel, won't it? That's why we feel these assist systems that do everything for you aren't the most thought-out idea ever.

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