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Infiniti Needs to Make This Mid-Engined Supercar

Infiniti is a mainstream luxury brand in America, but it feels like it's being taken less and less seriously. While Nissan's development money is going the crossover way, we think a halo supercar is what's actually needed.
Infiniti Needs to Make This Mid-Engined Supercar 1 photo
The company made some cool cars over the years. The FX was way ahead of the curve, with its sweet-sounding engines and coupe-like SUV styling. At the same time, the G35 Coupe is still respected at car meets for similar reasons.

But it feels like Infiniti is falling into the premium brand trap of trying to offer too many features that end up being bad. Instead, we propose starting with something all good brands have, and that's excitement and passion.

This mid-engined supercar you see in this photo is a rendering by Instagram artist superrenderscars. To make it happen, he swapped the face of a sporty-looking Infiniti Q60 coupe onto the body of a Honda/Acura NSX. It's not a perfect match, as the Acura design language has more sharp edges, but it at least gives us something to think about.

Infiniti has never made something like this, but they probably thought about it a couple of times. The Q50 Eau Rouge concept was a 560 horsepower attempt at capitalizing on motorsport success. In addition, there was the EMERG-E, which was supposed to materialize as a hybrid sports car around 2017, and the Vision GT from three years earlier.

Help from Nissan could come in the form of a new powertrain. The R36 GT-R is supposed to be ready in about three years and may a hybrid drive system. Now, we know this isn't what enthusiasts want; they're after something which can take bigger turbos and make 2,000 horsepower. But we're talking about KERS, real race car technology.

The main problem we foresee is the cost. You can already pay $150,000 for a GT-R Track Edition, so there's very little wiggle room left for Infiniti.


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