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Infiniti Moving Production Outside Japan Due to Strong Yen

We’ve talked so many times about the strong yen, which is slamming the brakes on the Japanese car industry, that you’d think we’re a broken record. But just about every automaker is dealing with this problem by adopting a “build them where you sell them” strategy.
Infiniti Etherea 1 photo
Lexus might move its headquarters to America, and now Nissan’s luxury division Nissan is taking a similar step by building its vehicles outside Japan. Autonews today reports that the new JX seven-seater crossover will be built Stateside, while the new Etherea Concept-based luxury hatch will be put together in Europe. (our best guess is Nissan Sunderland in the UK)

To be frank, Infiniti’s sales have been lack-luster to say the least, so this could actually be an excellent corporate decision, since the products will become more relevant. The Japanese luxury brand wants to increase global sales to 500,000 units by 2017, from about 150,000 today. The also want to double the number of markets they activate in.


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