Inexperienced Rider Crashes Bike into a Kazillion Pieces

The video after the jump is the perfect proof how easily a nice ride can turn into a nightmare. Unfortunately, this scenario is very common among new riders, but for some reason, riding schools still don't have a special curricula using such videos to show the future riders the results of being mindless.
Bike blown to smitherees in nasty crash 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Maybe some of you think that "mindless" is too harsh a word, but believe me it isn't. Getting your motorcycle license has nothing to do with knowing how to ride a bike in all scenarios. And adding speed to the whole thing only makes things much worse, as can be seen below.

The scenario is as common as it gets: a fellow riding fast through the twisties, unable to lean into a turn and running wide off the road. The terrain near the road seems very sandy, and this might break the fall a bit, but the crash itself looks really bad.

To the eye of the skilled motorcycle rider, this crash could have been avoided quite easily, as there was nothing extreme about it. However, it appears like the chap riding the bike in the front was only a beginner or at least a guy with very little experience in riding motorcycles.

Given the violent destruction of his bike which is smashed to smithereens, I'm a bit worried about the rider, too. I can only hope that the fellow recovered fully, and if he plans to ride again, he remembers the license itself does not make one a MotoGP rider. In fact, I hope he lives to ride so much until he understands that learning never ends when it comes to riding bikes.

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