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Induce Rubbernecking With Sick and Luxurious Carbon Fiber 43wallytender Day Boat
Some people see yacht tenders as simple boats used for nothing more than short-range travels and, well, tending. One team, Wally, does tenders differently, so much in that they come across like fully capable boats on their own.

Induce Rubbernecking With Sick and Luxurious Carbon Fiber 43wallytender Day Boat

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Folks, since 1994, Wally has grown to become one of the yachting and boating industry's biggest little crew. By combining the latest tech with design and performance, this team has grown to be known for offering some of the most capable and quick tenders on the market. As a testament to their handiwork, back in 2019, Wally became a part of the famed Ferretti Group.

Today we'll be looking at one of this team's works known only as the 43wallytender, a 13-meter (42.7-foot) boat created for one thing and one thing only, pleasure. Be it speed, relaxation, or getting away from the hectic world around, the 43 can achieve it. With a draft of 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) at full load, there's literally no place you can't go with the 43.

Now, the features that make the 43 what it is are numerous, so numerous that it's rather difficult to cover everything in just one article. We'll be looking at the essentials like what materials are used to build this puppy, what motors are behind its 40-knot (46 mph) top speed, and the layout you'll find in case you ever get your hands on a few hundred thousand dollars.

We can actually start things off right there. Currently, each Wally ship is custom-made. This means that a price is rather difficult to pinpoint. However, the average 43 sells for around 450,000 USD (397,640 EUR at current exchange rates). Some have been seen selling for as high as 650,000 USD or more.

For that price, you'll be receiving a boat that uses peak materials and design. Take the construction, for instance. Wally only mentions that "advanced composite" was used to build the 43, but looking at the images in the gallery, most of that composite seems to be carbon fiber. Considering the displacement of just 9.5 tons, carbon fiber it is. The T-top is carbon fiber, and so is most of the helm.

If you end up being the owner of one of these ships, be prepared to operate your craft from a cockpit or helm like the ones found in performance racing cars. Everything that could have been completed from carbon fiber has been. Steering wheel, joystick, you name it, it's carbon fiber.

Since this vessel comes off relatively light, once Wally straps two Volvo engines with 380 horsepower each, this machine can reach speeds upwards of 36 knots (41 mph). That 40-knot (46 mph) speed I mentioned is yielded by a pair of optional motors with 440 horsepower each. With either of these engine setups, the range will be a total of 320 nautical miles (368 miles).

Best of all, 12 guests will be able to enjoy the 43. This capacity is achieved by a lounge found at the bow, seating in the helm station, and port and starboard seating found on the main deck.

Guests should get a kick out of the unfolding hull featured on the beach deck. Once stationed for the hour or day, two aft portions of the 43's hull can be lowered to help expand this space and act as lounges and/or diving platforms. The ladder you'll be using to get back on the boat is carbon fiber too.

As small as the 43 may appear, it still features a bedroom, galley, and bathroom. Sure, the bedding is only suitable for two, maybe three people, if you're lucky, but it's going to be one incredible night's sleep.

Honestly, the more I look at the 43wallytender, the more I'm willing to let go of my dream of ever owning a superyacht. It seems like tenders is where it's at. Something to consider if you're looking for one heck of a rubberneck-inducing boat without blowing your life savings.


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