Indian Woman Pulls London Double Decker Bus with 32 People on Board Using Hair

Indian Woman Pulls London Double Decker Bus with 32 People on Board 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
I don't know about you guys, but my hair has been getting thin. When I was in my teens, I could use all sort of horrible hair products and nothing would happen. But now, if I get a little concerned with how my stocks are doing, dozens of hairs fall on the table in an instant.
Asha Rani, known as India's Iron Queen, has no such problems. In fact, her fair is so firmly glued to the scalp that she can even use it to pull a vehicle. And we aren't talking about a Tata Nana or something pint-sized like that. No, Rani can pull a freaking London double decker bus filled with people. She even makes it look easy!

This isn't the first time the Indian woman set a new Guinness World Record. She has four others, including the fastest 25-meter road vehicle pull with the teeth, the heaviest weight lifted with the hair, the ears, and even an eye socket. Somehow, I resisted the urge to Google that video.

Unless I'm mistaken, the previous record for pulling busses also belongs to her. Back in April 2012, when the Iron Queen was just 21 years old, she pulled a 12-ton bus 17 meters and 20 centimeters on Humberstone Gate in Leicester.

Asha Rani is mentored by Manjit Singh, 62, the Hoshiarpur-born strongman who has set several records to his name, including pulling an airplane at the East Midlands airport by a rope tied to his ears.

It seems that every time they see something heavy with wheels, these folks want to attach it to a body part and pull it. I suppose it's not that weird. But car meets would be so weird if everybody had to pull their rides by the hair. What would the bold guys do, use their hairy backs?

In 2014, Asha achieved the heaviest weight ever lifted by a woman using her eyeballs - 151.5 kilos or 333 lbs and 6.4 oz. In 2013, Asha used both ears to pull a 1,700-kg (3,745-lb) van in Leicestershire, UK, and smashed another record. Yes, Sindel from Mortal Kombat is real, and she does all this stuff for charity!

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