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Indian Scout Sixty Black Looks Like a Terminator Motorcycle, All Rugged and Mean

Motorcycles have been a constant presence in the Terminator franchise, although granted, they were not given fighting roles in most of the movies, and were mostly, well, ridden. The exception is the 2009 Salvation, where monstrosities colloquially called Moto-Terminators came about, among other things.
Indian Scout Sixty Black 9 photos
Indian Scout Sixty BlackIndian Scout Sixty BlackIndian Scout Sixty BlackIndian Scout Sixty BlackIndian Scout Sixty BlackIndian Scout Sixty BlackIndian Scout Sixty BlackIndian Scout Sixty Black
Those were machines stored on the legs of the massive Harvester robots, and once released could give chase to any human trying to evade capture. The motorcycles could hunt down prey with the help of the weapons they had on, but, as you all know by now, some of them could also be hacked.

It’s the Moto-Terminator that first came to mind as soon as I set eyes on this build here. It’s not of Ducati make, like the two-wheeled killer robots in the movie were, but an Indian Scout, converted by a German shop that goes by the name Hollister’s Motorcycles.

Officially named Scout Sixty Black, the build plays the rugged card by taking advantage of the colors used, but also of the many exposed and sculpted parts seen inside the frame. Those make out the 999cc engine that powers the thing, rated at 74 hp and breathing through a custom exhaust system

The Germans pulled the usual stunts on this bike, and fitted it with a wealth of in-house-made bits, stuff like the fenders that wrap over the front and rear tires, or the air filter. They paired those with aftermarket bits Indian itself makes, including the fuel tank, pulley, or swing arm.

No weapons are fitted on this one, of course, and no humans were hurt during the making of the Sixty Black, but the bike might go all Terminator on some bank accounts. You see, whereas a stock Indian Scout Sixty sells from around $10,000, this one is priced almost three times as much, at over $26,000.


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