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Indian Grind Machine May Sound Really Awful, But It’s a Winning Custom Project

Three or so months have passed since American bike maker Indian announced the latest design competition for its network (a small part of it, that is) of customizers, and we finally know which of the four garages that enlisted is the winner.
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Indian Grind MachineIndian Grind MachineIndian Grind MachineIndian Grind MachineIndian Grind MachineIndian Grind Machine
Back in December 2021, Indian said it is looking for someone to build a “Chief inspired from the past, anchored in the present, and looking towards the future.” Four crews signed up for the task: BAAK Motocyclettes, Lucky Cat Garage, Mystic Mechanic, and Tank Machine.

The exact details of what the shops were supposed to do to the Chiefs (as in what parts they were allowed to use, how much money they could spend, and so on) are not available, but we do know, at least for now, this was a purely hypothetical trial, with the bikes still to be made in real life.

The competition required the public to vote on their favorite of the four designs. To be honest, the best-looking one from where we stand was the one put together by Lucky Cat, but the majority of those who voted (Indian doesn’t say how many) opted for the Tank Machine idea.

Called Indian Grind Machine (awful, I know), the concept will now move into production stage and should be ready in time for the 2022 Wheels & Waves festival in Biarritz, France, taking place in July.

The most interesting part about this, given how we have no details on how the bike will be put together, is the fact that one of us can own it, for free. That’s because those who voted are already included into the draw that has the Grind Machine as a prize, and those who haven’t can register from now and until June 1st at this link.

On top of the bike’s ownership, Indian is also throwing in the winning package a VIP trip to the event.

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