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Indian Baggers Receive Azzkikr Body Kits and Radical Exhausts

We are showing you this Azzkikr bagger kit for Indian cruisers just because we wanted to prove that such things are possible. No matter how hard would a manufacturer's design department work to deliver the right product, there will alway be someone to destroy their accomplishment in the most outrageous ways.
Azzkikr body kit for Indian cruisers 11 photos
Azzkikr body kit for Indian bikesAzzkikr body kit for Indian bikesAzzkikr body kit for Indian bikesAzzkikr body kit for Indian bikes has optional sidecase linersAzzkikr body kit sidecase linersAzzkikr body kit sidecase linersAzzkikrfloorboards for Indian bikesAzzkikrfloorboards for Indian bikesAzzkikr body kit requires this Outlaw exhaustOutlaw exhaust for the Indian Azzkikr body kit
Truth be told, the Indian modded by Azzkikr doesn't look bad in its entirety. We can definitely find a certain appeal in the fluid lines of this bike, but the "overdone factor" is overwhelming.

The clash most likely emerges from the fact that the stock Indian was rather cautious in reinterpreting the classic vibe of the older machines, with the designers careful not to insert too much "modern aggressiveness" into the final product. This is why the new Indian bikes manage to retain a fraction of the classic looks, even hark back to builds from half a century ago (or so), and still be a fresh presence in the industry.

Compared to the aftermarket options Indian is using, the Azzkikr kit only gets full points for the bling factor. The pictured Chieftain lacks any form of optical balance, with the ample front fender covering the shiny massive rim visually separated from the mid-ship, and yet another gap just in front of the rear wheel.

The exhaust choice is horrendous, and it makes the cortex hurt (if you can imagine such a thing) by only looking at it. Trying to save the day if possible, we have to add that the side panels seem to have been designed with cleaner lines, favoriting the flowing graphics.

Now, if you're a fan of such unnecessarily "lavish" designs, maybe the Azzkikr body kit doesn't look as appalling as it does to us. We certainly would not fork out $2,250 for the Outlaw kit AND an extra $1,295 for the mandatory Outlaw 2-into-1 exhaust unless we lost a bet or something like that.


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