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Independent Luxury Coachbuilder, ARES, Expands Into Electric Mobility

When it comes to bespoke coachbuilding, ARES Modena is a top player. Not only can the company personalize and modernize classic cars, but it also produces one-off luxury projects. Having worked with the likes of Bentley, Porsche, Land Rover, and BMW, the Modena coachbuilder can flawlessly meet the highest standards, bringing automotive dreams to reality since 2014.
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In 2021, ARES made a strategic shift: aside from just customizing cars in the luxury segment, the company started to work on self-designed projects, too.

With the ongoing electrification of the auto industry, the brand wants to ride that wave and further accelerate its growth by creating a new range of electric mobility products, such as bikes, cars, scooters, and motorcycles. All of these will be previewed by the end of 2022.

Not only that, but the brand also wants to complement its current portfolio with its own S1 project, which combines “the design of a hypercar, the performance of a supercar and the accessibility of a sportscar,” according to its official website.

ARES will also open three new showroom locations by the end of the year – Bologna International Airport, Milan, and London.

To bring its vision to reality, the brand is looking to invest about €100 million (about $102.2 million) in the next 2 years. All that capital will be directed towards hiring new staff, product innovation, distribution, and process digitization.

To top it off, ARES will add three new shareholders to support its strategic development – head of ITA Airways Alfredo Altavilla, renowned Italian-Swiss banker Boris Collardi, and Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri.

As for the current leadership, ARES is in good hands. Dany Bahar is the company’s co-founder and CEO, and also the former CEO of Group Lotus, where he raised the sales volume and turnover by 20%.

Waleed Al Ghafari joined as Executive Chairman and co-founder of ARES in 2014. With a 30-year track record in multiple markets, he’s working alongside Dany Bahar to push the brand forward.

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