Incredibly Neat 1,000-HP Hellcat-Powered Fox Body Mustang Is a Beautiful Liar, Sounds Evil

You’d think the third generation Mustangs (Fox Body) would be done for in 2022, but they just keep coming back. At this point, we can conclude these classic cars will never ever go out of style.
Hellcat-powered Fox Body Mustang 8 photos
Hellcat-powered Fox Body MustangHellcat-powered Fox Body MustangHellcat-powered Fox Body MustangHellcat-powered Fox Body MustangHellcat-powered Fox Body MustangHellcat-powered Fox Body MustangHellcat-powered Fox Body Mustang
That Racing Channel recently featured a rare Fox Body Mustang. It’s one of the cleanest builds you’ve probably ever seen. If you didn’t know what it packs underneath, you’d probably think it’s a neatly preserved third-gen stang.

However, the rear slicks are a dead giveaway that this classic stang is not a Pebble Beach antique but a stone-cold drag monster with a pretty face.

This Fox Body Mustang belongs to Alex of ASAP-Motorsports. He bought it as a partial project from a well-known tuner. He took over the build and injected it with a dose of power. It’s pretty much a Hellcat hiding under a third-generation stang's body.

The result is 850 hp (862 ps) on a blower and 1,000 whp (1,176 hp/1,132 ps) running on a 150 shot of nitrous.

To remind you, the Challenger SRT Hellcat comes with a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine good for 717 hp (727 ps) and 656 lb-ft (959 Nm) of torque. The Redeye variant is more lethal, offering 797 hp (808 ps) and 707 lb-ft (959 Nm) of torque.

Alex’s Fox Body Mustang weighs 2,000 lbs (907 kgs) less than a Dodge Hellcat. It also comes with a couple of tune-ups, including 1,300 injectors, nitrous, upper pulley, dampener, Edelbrock heat exchanger, an in-line brushless fuel pump, and a Mopar Performance ECU.

The throttle is so responsive that it’s more like a motorcycle response,” Alex said about the Fox Body’s performance.

The Hellcat engine is paired with a Powerglide transmission. This is a two-speed automatic GM transmission with long gearing suitable for drag racing applications. It’s generally praised for its durability.

Alex hasn’t taken his Fox Body down a quarter-mile drag strip track before, but he believes his car can pull low eights.

Honestly, it is a full street car. It’s a stock engine. I imagine this car would probably be one of the most reliable things out there. You could literally just run it, run it, run it. Because there are guys in the Hellcats, they are making 900, 950,” Javier from That Racing Channel said. ” Being that it is a lot lighter than one of those, it has a lot less strain on the motor, tranny, and everything,” Alex added.

Hellcat-powered Fox Body units are not widespread, but these engines will fit into anything with the heart for it. They don’t come cheap. Depending on the condition and where you buy it, a Hellcrate Redeye crate engine costs about $22,000.

Their best application is on custom-built cars developed for some drag racing action. That’s where the Hellcat really shines. Alex built this car for fun and not necessarily for racing. Also, it’s still a work in progress.

We recommend catching the rest of the action in the video below for the Fox Body drive session. You'll also get a chance to see the rest of Alex’s car collection.

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