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Incredibly Lucky Rider Smashes into the Guardrail at the Ring, Remains Upright

Sometimes, there is a good deal of win even in the biggest fails, and the rider in the video below just had a rough brush with reality to prove this point. After running wide in one of the corners at the iconic German track Nurburgring, the chap smashes into the guardrail but manages to remain on the bike and avoids being crashed into by other cars.
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Incredibly Lucky RiderIncredibly Lucky RiderIncredibly Lucky RiderIncredibly Lucky RiderIncredibly Lucky RiderIncredibly Lucky RiderIncredibly Lucky RiderIncredibly Lucky Rider
There are three main things about the Ring that must be considered before letting loose. First of all, the open days or Touristenfahrten bring all sorts of guys, both drivers and riders on the track, with their own skills and track experience, fears and goals. This is not a MotoGP or an F1 race and things can go wrong; and they often do.

Secondly, the asphalt of the Schleife is not the one you'd find at Phillip Island or the Circuit of the Americas. It's been years since the Ring ceased to be Germany's top road racing spot, and the surface is not always top-notch.

Cue the number of cars and bikes that crash there and think about the debris, spilled fuel and oil that sits on the track, despite the efforts to keep it clean. Not the friendliest circuit, right?

Finally, the track is OVERCROWDED. Making a mistake and crashing or taking a different trajectory around the bend might put you in the way of harm as being crashed into by a guy approaching fast from behind, possibly around one of the blind turns is a real possibility.

Considering all these, plus all the generic precautions when pushing the limits should give you a good picture of what riding at the Touristenfahrten is like.

Honestly, we're euphoric to see this rider was not involved in the huge, nasty crash we anticipated. His luck serves as a good example for the rest of us. Also a good thing for him to wear riding gear!

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