Incredible Infrared Footage of Burnout Shows Tires and Exhaust Glowing

Matt Power is one of the biggest names in the Australian burnout scene, which we'd wager is actually bigger than the one in the US. He travels the country in his T4TUFF custom Holden truck and leaves a cloud of smoke and destroyed rubber in his wake, which is exactly what millions of people want from him.
Incredible Infrared Footage of Burnout Shows Tires and Exhaust Glowing 1 photo
We've seen plenty of his videos, including one where he was involved in a record setting attempt - on new year's day 2015, the Australians smashed their own Guinness world record for the largest simultaneous car tyre burnout. However, this next piece of footage is unique and shows what happens in infrared.

Infrared cameras are able to see through the smoke produced by the burnout and show only the heat of objects. In this case, the exhaust glows red-hot and the tires seem to be made from molten metal. You can easily see how heat builds up in the tires to the point where they eventually explode. This sends a cascade of steel wires flowing out. Everything in Australia is trying to kill you, including the tires.

This truck is based on a 1971-73 Holden HQ and it probably has a 5.7-liter V8 engine. Stock power is irrelevant, since not one but two superchargers have been stacked on top.

If vampires really did exist and they ventured under the hot Australian sun to watch a burnout, this is probably how they'd see it. The Predator is yet another creature that uses the same kind of vision for his victims… when they're not covered in mud.

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