In-car Pizza Oven...

... could be just what you always dreamed of having with you while you commute. What? Isn’t this what you always wished for Christmas when you were a kid? To grow up and cook breakfast in your car? Or take your girlfriend for an in-car dinner? Or why not just burn your car to the ground? All you need to do is plug it into a car’s cigarette lighter and... pizza is served!

This 12V portable oven has high and low settings for cooking and warming, so it seems like this could be the next invention to revolutionize the Pizza delivery business. Though it could also be useful for women who have to get their kids from school and feed them with a warm meal when arriving home.

However, if you thought that texting while driving is bad, think again! How about cooking hot pizza while driving? Isn’t this getting into the distracted driving category? Who on earth would buy such thing? Though we must admit, it's not that expensive. The guys from Stupidiotic sell the in-car oven for just 36 bucks, Jalopnik found out. A bargain, really!

You might consider buying it as a gift for your mother-in-law. She will certainly appreciate it. And you, if the car burns out while she is driving it. So, when kids will ask you “Dad, what’s for dinner?”, you could just give them a blunt answer: “Grandma...”. A cheap price to pay for something that's worth so much, isn’t it?

For what we care, you might as well buy one and use it, but if you do it, why not consider buying also a 12V popcorn maker/soup pot or a 12V blender. However, we will save ourselves for refrigerated beer tap in the dash to hit the market.


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