In an Unprecedented Move, Toyota Offers to Repurchase bZ4X Units Affected by Recall

Toyota bZ4X, a compact electric crossover that went on sale in April, had to be recalled because its wheels might fall off. One month after the recall order was issued, Toyota still doesn’t have a clue how to fix it, which is why they are making an unusual offer to the affected owners.
Toyota offers to repurchase bZ4X units affected by recall 7 photos
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Toyota started 2022 with a promise to flood the market with electric vehicles. Nevertheless, its first attempt to compete with Tesla didn’t go well, threatening its entire EV program. The Japanese carmaker had to recall the bZ4X two months after launch because of an unusual problem: the wheel bolts may loosen, causing a wheel to detach. Several cases were reported, and Toyota was able to reproduce the problem.

For a carmaker that puts so much stress on reliability, it’s unexpected to find that it’s not the novel electric drive system that causes problems but something so trivial as a wheel bolt. According to the carmaker, the wheel bolts may loosen under “certain severe driving patterns.” And that’s not even the real problem, but the fact that Toyota still doesn’t have a solution. More than a month after the recall, Toyota sent letters to bZ4X owners urging them not to drive their cars until a fix is available.

Toyota offered several options to affected bZ4X owners to make it right by its clients. The Japanese automaker will continue to provide a free-of-charge loaner vehicle. It will also reimburse the fuel costs incurred while operating the loaner instead of their electric vehicle. Additionally, Toyota will provide a $5,000 credit that can be used toward payments of the loan/lease or the purchase price if the car was paid in full.

As if that was not enough, the complimentary charging at EVgo charging stations is extended by the end of 2024. The warranty is also extended with the time that the bZ4X is immobilized because of the recall. But wait, there’s more. Toyota even offers to buy back the affected vehicles, as the original letter shared on Reddit shows. This is certainly unexpected.

“Alternatively, if you do not wish to proceed as described above, Toyota will offer to repurchase your vehicle,” writes the letter. “The terms of the repurchase may vary, depending on your state and particular circumstances.”

Based on the discussion on the r/bZ4X subreddit, it looks like many, if not most of the affected owners, will take the $5,000 credit and wait for a fix later. They still hope that Toyota will offer to repurchase the crossover if it cannot address its problems in the future. Currently, the offer is for U.S. customers only, which means 258 out of 2,700 affected owners.


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