Impounded Lamborghini Murcielago Gets Brutally Dismantled In Taiwan

The world now has one less Lamborghini Murcielago after the Taiwanese authorities have scrapped an example of the mid-engined supercar that had been impounded three years ago.
Impounded Lamborghini Murcielago 7 photos
Impounded Lamborghini Murcielago dismantled in Taiwan
The sad tale of the Murcie started back in 2013, when its former owner, a commercial airline pilot who goes by the name of Lin, drove the Raging Bull on a public road without a valid number plate.

When the police pulled the Murcielago over for a routine check, the officers discovered that the driver had fitted a number plate coming from a Ford sedan to the Lamborghini. According to the country's laws, the supercar was impounded.

Lin reportedly filed an administrative appeal the following year, contesting the decision, but his request was dismissed. The man went for an appeal and yet it seems his efforts were in vain.

Being confronted with the harsh reality of his Lamborghini awaiting to be torn apart according to the legal procedures, the owner tried to convince the authorities to spare the V12 vehicle by asking a friend to try and prevent the action.

However, with the authorities apparently being determined to make an example out of the Lambo, the car was torn apart on Wednesday. As you'll be able to see in the not-for-the-faint-hearted pieces of footage below, it took two "cranes" to tear the Murcielago apart - to make sure none of the car's bits are sold as spare parts, the scrappers insisted on turning the exotic into a pile of metal.

The Sant'Agata Bolognese factory brought nearly 4,100 units of the Murcielago to the world and it's disturbing to see one of them going away in such a manner. Here's to hoping this episode at least serves as an example to those supercar-dreamers who plan to escape the long arm of the law on their path to Lamborghini joy.

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