Imagine What the 150 kW CHAdeMO Chargers Could Do for Electric Motorcycles

Things are rolling faster and faster in the electric mobility segment and charging currents that were unthinkable only a few years ago are going to change the way we use electric vehicles. The latest revision in the protocols scene will see currents up to 150 kW (350 A) becoming commonplace this year.
150 kW CHAdeMO Chargers 1 photo
The CHAdeMO Association management took a bold step envisaging a new generation of EVs that will be able to use the existing plugs, yet charge faster thanks to the new standard.

Existing vehicles that charge at around 50kW will also be able to use the 150kW charger, but the current will be limited to comply with their specification. CHAdeMO expects that the first standardized 150kW chargers might arrive on the market in 2017. Until then, CHAdeMO's Technical Work Group will have to assess issues such as the size of the cables required by the superior charging power or the heat build-up that may occur.

If the market will appear to demand even more power, as CHAdeMO expects in the near future, we might just get to see even higher figures in this field. The CHAdeMO Association says that ongoing studies are already envisaging 350 kW (1000 V x 350 A) standards.

Electric cars have a solid advantage over motorcycles

Now, electric cars are a bit ahead of their two-wheeled siblings, so they will be the first to benefit from the increased charging power and speed. Being able to accommodate significantly larger battery packs, cars evolved faster than electric motorcycles, but some manufacturers are already making efforts to catch up.

Italian electric superbike manufacturer Energica is probably one of the best examples. Energica has teamed up with charger manufacturer Efacec and is already pre-wiring their machines for Fast Charging.

Already, the battery packs in the Energica motorcycles can be recharged in as little as 30 minutes using the existing fast chargers, so we can only imagine how things might evolve in the future if the Italians decide to make their machines compliant with the car standards.

As batteries evolve, we would not be surprised to have bikes fully recharged in a matter of minutes, comparable (to say the least) to how long it takes now to fill up a large fuel tank from a regular gas pump.

And with comparable "refueling" times and hopefully, more affordable electric machines, we might see the balance between ICE bikes and e-motorcycles changing position.

We have no doubt that the future is electric and sometimes we also feel a bit sad when realizing that petrol-powered bikes will become an eccentric rarity, but, in the end, that's how progress works and something's gotta give. So far, CHAdeMO is giving us 150 kW chargers.


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