Illegal James Bond Movie Scene in India to be Rewritten

Everybody knows that transportation in India is an extremely complicated matter, but the local authorities are doing their best to solve this issue. However, the ways chosen to overcome the problem are anything but simple.
This is what the local authorities wanted 1 photo
The James Bond series is preparing to receive its 23rd movie, which has been shot on India. It includes a scene in which Daniel Craig CUT Bond, uses a motorcycle to jump onto the roof of a speeding train and it seems like the authorities want this to be rewritten, as VisorDown reports.

The train was portrayed as being filled with people riding illegally and the Indian government wants the roof riders to be removed as it is trying hard to abolish this practice.

The production crew will return to India, to jump that bike all over again. But will they also re-shoot the scenes with the girls? Do they need stunt doubles for the latter matter?


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