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IKONE Designs Shoe-Shaped Vehicle of the Future

Most concepts are not very practical in their designs, but this is not the case with the IKONE. We like the idea behind it very much, as it looks comfortable, sporty and offers a small boot at the back, just like big scooters do.

The IKONE is a concept three-wheeled vehicle designed by Karim Guelmi, a Montreal-based graduate from the University of Quebec in Montreal. The rendering was made in collaboration with the Montreal-based company Fun-E Cycles. It offers a clear idea of what the designer believes to be the future when it comes to pure electric vehicles.

The IKONE is a true vehicle for eco-conscious riders, promising high millage figures and increased range. The concept was designed to run on lithium batteries that are charged from a standard household electric outlet.

The storage space at the back offers room for 18.5 liters of baggage. The lines of the concept evoke the vehicle’s lightweight mentality. Two slender wheels at the front handle the steering, though we can’t seem to understand how the vehicle is actually controlled since there are no pedals, wheel or a shifter to speak of. We do however like the lights fitted to the front and the rear, which are painted over in the same color as the body, and only become obvious when they are turned on. The vehicle also sports a striking white paintjob with two blue stripes down the middle. Seating for the single passenger comes in the form of a black bucket seat that offers comfortable support on long journeys.


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