iKamper Is Set on Off-Grid Living Domination and Has the Gear To Achieve It

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The world of off-grid is growing and seems to show no signs of slowing down. In this spirit, I want to bring to light a crew that comes from a country that typically isn't known for its camping and off-grid culture, Korea. But the cool one, South Korea.
The story of iKamper is an interesting one. It was born out of nothing more than a passion for the greater outdoors and a way to make mobile living accessible to as many people as possible. Cue Soon Park and his idea of building a rooftop tent for everyone. Like most projects these days, it all started on Kickstarter. After shooting past their goal of $100,000 with a raised amount of $2.3 million, all hell broke loose. These days, iKamper products can be found in over 40 countries worldwide.

So, what are they all about? Well, that's precisely what we'll be exploring today, so pack your bags, strap in, and let's ride.

As I mentioned, iKamper is all about the outdoors, and scrolling through their website, that's clearly apparent. From outdoor and mobile kitchen systems to rooftop tents, awnings, mattresses, sleeping bags, and more, all bear the iKamper name. But that's all very vague, so let's break down the products into a few categories and explore how and why iKamper is where it is.

Since this brand was born from nothing more than the idea of a rooftop tent, we can start with that. Now, the manufacturer's website showcases nine models of roof-mounted campers. And, in that range, you can choose from abodes that can accommodate from one to four guests. That's right; four sleeping souls on the roof of your truck or SUV.

iKamper Tents
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Yet, there are some recurring themes and capabilities found in each model, starting with four-season use. A high-density poly-cotton canvas is used to create these puppies, and with waterproof zippers, windows, and an insulating mattress, you can crash even if it's snowing outside. Be sure to integrate a heating system to keep warm.

Then, there's the whole ease-of-use aspect. According to iKamper, their tents are designed to have you camping as fast as possible. Typically, this means a tent ready in under three minutes. Of course, this depends on the model you bought and any distractions scurrying around your legs, but that's the general rule for the brand. Some models achieve setup even faster. Oh, and by the looks of things, mounting solar panels and other cargo on top is possible because of each tent's frame design.

As for the sort of prices you can expect to find, iKamper has tents ranging from $2,800 (€2,650 at current exchange rates) all the way up to $4,200 (€4,000). The latter is for tents suitable for up to four guests. Quite a steal, if you think about it. All you need is a vehicle with a suitable rack system, drop the tent on top, and now you have an RV.

But outdoor living is a bit more than just sitting around in a tent with canned and processed foods and drinks. Here, too, iKamper hits outdoor lovers with tools to help them cook the meals they want and to do that anywhere. For example, under this brand's Kitchen Systems, you'll find something dubbed the Aioks.

iKamper Aioks
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For no more than $500 (€470), iKamper offers an all-in-one kitchen setup that's transported like airport luggage. Typically, this system sits folded, and once you've arrived at your campsite, it explodes into a full galley setup. A large prep surface, two gas burners, and a storage bin are part of its magic. The rest of the Kitchen Systems are little accessories to make outdoor cooking a bit easier. This includes carrying bags, utensil racks, and stands for things like lights.

Finally, we arrive at the last category of outdoor living gear that iKamper offers, Sleep Systems. Under this category, wildlings at heart will be able to select from an array of sleeping bags, blankets, and air mattresses. Blankets range from $200 to over $400, and beds from $220 to $550. But this range of pricing is offered by things like the sort of filling found in the respective blanket, and the bedding surfaces are typically priced based on size and application. Did I mention that all the mattress options are self-inflating?

Ever since iKamper has been in the market, they've grown. Frankly, I feel they will continue to do so because it's not every day that you can go out there and drop a few thousand dollars and officially hit the open road. Let's do the math.

Assuming you already have a vehicle with a roof rack, a rooftop tent is going to run you, let's say, $3,500. Add a mattress for another $400. Blankets you have at home. Throw in an Aioks; another $500. And with a portable toilet, some food, water, and tools in case of an emergency, off you go. What's that? Like $5K to $6K? Exactly. Just something to consider if you don't need or want a massive RV with the comforts of home. After all, outdoor living is about all the magic before dishwashers, automatic dough mixers, and TVs.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include an array of iKamper products.

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