Ignore Speed Limits All You Like, But These Breasts Will Not Be Ignored

Russian speed limit enforcing 4 photos
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Two girls holding speed limits signsTwo girls holding speed limits signsTwo girls holding speed limits signs
One question that has been giving police departments all around the world some serious headaches is how to make drivers shave off some of that excessive speed. Speed may be fun, but in the right circumstances (or is that "wrong"?) it's also dangerous.
The authorities have tried everything to seter speeding drivers: putting up emotional messages like "slow down, your family is waiting for you back home;" placing speed cameras where lots of accidents happen; using unmarked police cars equipped with speed guns so drivers won't know where to expect them. Nothing really worked, and it doesn't take a brainiac to come up with the explanation: no matter what they did, they couldn't be everywhere at every time to control all the traffic. If the police were run by God, then maybe.

One very unorthodox solution comes from the Russians, even though it's not too hard to imagine why some feminist groups would find it insulting toward women and organize a march against it. Hopefully, a topless march.

Some Russian genius asked himself (there's no doubt this was the idea of a man): what does everyone like, from the moment they are born and until the day they die? That's right, female breasts. You might argue that women aren't that crazy about them, and you would be right. But under these circumstances, the idea works because they would probably slow down even more than guys just to check if they were real.

All bad jokes aside, this is clearly a bad idea. Not only does it appear not to work (the cars in the video don't seem to slow down), but even if it did function as planned, the risk of accidents would have skyrocketed. Do you really want cars braking hard for no apparent reason?

And you don't have to be a member of a feminist group to know this is degrading toward women. Turning them into sexy street sign posts is not something anyone could ever take as a compliment. It's women objectification in the most literal way possible. But since you're already here, have a look at the video nonetheless. You know, just to condemn those Russian bastards.

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