Ignorant BMW Driver Damages Jerry Seinfeld’s 1973 Porsche RSR, Couldn’t Care Less

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Jerry Seinfeld and his ruined Porsche 911 RSRJerry Seinfeld and his ruined Porsche 911 RSR
For most people, owning rare and beautiful cars is more of a nightmare than a blessing. That’s if you ever take them out of the garage and face your fear that someone might actually damage your car. One of the guys that dares to drive his rare cars is Jerry Seinfeld.
It’s a known fact that the stand-up comedian is an avid Porsche fan and it’s also widely known (at least in the automotive business) that he owns a very rare 1973 Porsche RSR. How rare? Well, only 49 of these cars were ever built, so we’d say extremely rare!

Few people actually know that he also likes to drive his collectables, every time he gets the chance to. Living proof to that is his recent hit, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee where he invites his fellow performers to enjoy classic cars and some good old fashion coffee while simply chatting about a variety of topics. It may sound boring but it’s more fun than you might think.

Well, apparently, he had a little problem with his Porsche this weekend. While relaxing somewhere in the Hampton, Jerry noticed a BMW 5 Series parallel parking right in front of his car. Unfortunately, the driver, a middle-aged woman, didn’t notice his car and started scraping its front fascia like there was no tomorrow.

How in the world she got to do that is beyond our understanding. Most new BMWs are fitted with parking sensors that would go absolutely mental if you came close to another car, let alone scrape it. Furthermore, more than 50 percent of all cars sold today by BMW in the states have reverse cameras, so how in the hell do you not see the car behind you???

We simply can’t understand some people, we guess. However, when confronted by an angry but controlled Jerry Seinfeld, the woman’s sole response was “Oh, my God, I'm so sorry,' but, 'Well, I couldn't see it.” according to Jerry himself.

“She didn't seem to understand why I would be upset or how this was in any way her fault. She drove off. She did offer to give me her information, but the idea of having her in my life for one more second was intolerable," Seinfeld said.

That’s where we do agree and disagree with the disgruntled actor. We understand that he didn’t want to spend a second in her company but we would’ve made her pay. Big time! If she’s ignorant enough not to respect other people’s property (leaving out just how expensive and rare that Porsche is) she should pay for it. A lot!

Sure, Jerry can afford to fix it but this is no longer a matter of money, this is a matter of respect for other people’s things and that woman should be taught a lesson.

According to, Jerry then just went home and put his head under the covers. We understand, Jerry, we’d probably do the same...
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