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Iggy Azalea’s Beef With American Airlines Is All Her Fault, Apparently

Celebrities, they’re not like us, after all. Because when we fly commercial, which is what we do almost with some exceptions, we show up on time at the gate for boarding, and we don’t play the blaming game when we get there after it closes.
Rapper Iggy Azalea picked a fight with American Airlines after missed flight, report says she was the only one in the wrong 6 photos
Iggy Azalea Finally On Another Commercial Flight With Son OnyxIggy Azalea Finally On Another Commercial Flight With Son OnyxIggy Azalea Finally On Another Commercial Flight With Son OnyxIggy Azalea and Private JetIggy Azalea and Private Jet
Australian rapper Iggy Azalea did just that and then tried to paint herself as some kind of relatable champion for young mothers traveling with kids, picking up a public fight with American Airlines. Airport sources are refuting her side of the story, claiming that the only reason she missed her flight was her tardiness.

Late last week, Iggy took to social media to vent her frustrations with an airline company, as one usually does in the hope of a quicker solution. The difference was that she is a famous rapper with an estimated net worth of $6 million, so when she took aim at American Airlines’ apparent willingness to double book flights, leaving her and her son stranded at the airport, the story went viral.

According to Iggy, she arrived on time at the gate, with boarding still open. Her luggage was already on the plane, but she was shocked to learn she couldn’t board because the airline had sold her seats, and they were already occupied. Iggy said she chose to publicly blast the airline to warn other mothers of the risk of being stranded at an airport with a toddler and none of the kid’s stuff on hand because it’s on the luggage that’s about to take off.

American Airlines responded right away, asking Iggy for more clarification in a direct message. She said she’d already done that but got only radio silence. The story snowballed from there, with more people chiming in with their own airport horror stories, with and without American Airlines.

Flying commercial can be quite a challenge, it’s true. But this wasn’t the case here, airport sources tell TMZ. If Iggy and her son missed the flight, it was entirely her fault because she and “her crew” arrived at the airport a mere half an hour before the takeoff. This meant they had less than 15 minutes to check their luggage, clear TSA, and get to the gate, which they failed to do in time. When they arrived at the gate, boarding was closed, the report notes, so while the luggage was on board, the plane took off without them.

Iggy has not returned to the topic of the missed flight after the public spat. Meanwhile, American Airlines is digging into the incident and is refraining from comments right now. The silver lining is that Iggy was able to get to her destination just fine, albeit with a delay. Engaging with fans on social media, she concedes that Delta Airlines offers superior services on commercial flights, so maybe they were her second option.


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