If You’re Yelling at Kylie Jenner for Buying a Chiron, You’re Probably Jealous

Kylie Jenner shows off new Bugatti Chiron in white and black, with orange interior 11 photos
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Kylie Jenner often uses her cars as props for self-promotion picsKylie Jenner promotes Adidas by color-matching with her Rolls-Royce interiorKylie Jenner's car collection is her favorite backgroundKylie shows off part of her car collection on social mediaKylie Jenner and pal, and another one of her carsKylie Jenner's favorite car-related activity: posingKylie Jenner's favorite car-related activity: posingKylie Jenner color-coordinates with her carsKylie Jenner and the vintage Rolls-Royce she got on her 21st birthdayKylie Jenner prepares for summer with orange wraps
Controversial opinion: if you spend time online yelling at the likes of Kylie Jenner for splashing $3 million on a Bugatti Chiron, you should do some soul-searching. Because the problem isn’t with Jenner, but with yourself.
Jenner, she of the infamous Kardashian-Jenner family with claims of being the youngest “self-made” (ha!) billionaire, already has an impressive car collection. It’s not so much a collection per se, in the sense that she doesn’t have a collector’s touch, eye or inclination, but rather a curious, colorful gathering of the flashiest, most expensive rides, which she occasionally drives but more often than not uses as props for her social media posts. Much like rappers, or some actors, and some influencers.

To that fleet, which includes at least 2 Land Rovers, one Ferrari, a couple of Rolls-Royces and one Lamborghini, she recently added a Bugatti Chiron in white and black, with bright orange interior. Valued at $3 million, this monster of a car is also the world’s fastest and most luxurious (apparently, no less than 16 cows had to die for the interior), the dream of most petrolheads.

So, when Kylie took to Instagram to brag about it, the world was aghast: when there were children dying of hunger, thirst and poverty, how could she be so shallow as to spend $3 million on a means of transportation? The shock. The horror. The outrage!

Reactions to Jenner’s post were so vicious that she deleted it – the mere fact that a Kardashian-Jenner would delete anything is testament of how negative criticism against her was. Which brings us to the controversial opinion stated at the beginning: if you’re one of those who took offense, you must be green with envy.

Kylie Jenner often uses her cars as props for self\-promotion pics
Photo: Instagram / Kylie Jenner
The bottom line is, no one criticizes art collectors when they splurge gazillions on paintings or sculptures. No one criticizes world’s male millionaires when they pack their garages full of supercars, but the world seems very sensitive to Kylie’s collecting hobbies. Whether it’s because she’s a woman or a reality star, or because she represents the worst and, at the same time, most desirable of our celebrity culture, I can’t say.

What I do know is that criticism against her on this particular issue is unfair. If you’re so offended that she’s spending her millions (which she worked for, no matter how irrelevant you consider that work to be) on stupid stuff, when is the last time you donated to a good cause? Instead of splashing on a new Nissan Leaf (off the top of my head, because I assume since you’re so concerned with the state of the world, you will want to go electric), did you donate the $30,000+ to some poor village of kids in Africa?

Because if you didn’t, the same type of criticism you throw at Kylie from the safety of your home and your keyboard can be thrown right back at you. So maybe you’re not as much upset with the idea that she’s spending so much money on a gorgeous car (which she won’t even appreciate as she should, btw), but rather that you can’t.

In a world in black and white, rich people would give more to charity instead of spending the money on luxury items. In the same black and white world, we probably wouldn’t have poverty and hunger and natural catastrophes, and everyone would have the same social standing. That is not the world we live in.

Kylie Jenner promotes Adidas by color\-matching with her Rolls\-Royce interior
Photo: Instagram / Kylie Jenner
Hate Kylie because she’s vapid, uneducated, inarticulate, or for not using her platform to raise awareness and money on important social issues. Hate Kylie because she’s a plastic doll with no discernible good taste, for being a billionaire when she lacks any obvious skills (a family name that opens doors doesn’t count as a skill). Hate Kylie because she only buys expensive, high-performance cars so she can color-match with her outfits or her manicure. Hate Kylie because she irks you or because you don’t like the way she smiles, or whatever.

But if you hate Kylie because she spends her money on cars or whatever else she wants, you’re wrong. Because no one is yelling at you for doing the same, only on a smaller scale.

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