If You Feel like Road Rage Is Getting the Better of You, It’s Best to Step Out of the Car First

The modern man lives a very stressful life, so he’s very likely to snap at any minute. If you’re not in a confrontational mood, it’s best to remain calm, say “yes, sir” and just keep going as if nothing happened. Or something might happen.
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Yet, sometimes that stressful life turns us into that kind of people you should avoid, and when two people in this situation meet each other, it’s like in those old Highlander movies: “there can be only one.”

The thing is, these cases usually occur in the city where it’s easy just to stop the car, get out, exchange a few fists, hopefully give more than you take, blow off some steam, and end up having a beer with the guy discussing what’s really bugging you.

Well, when the spirits get hot on a highway, stopping for a knuckle-fight is out of the question. But that doesn’t mean the two drivers can’t run next to each other, windows down, exchanging niceties. This approach can work as well. If both participants are as good at using curse words, then they’ll both feel satisfied at the end of the tirade and call it a day.

But if one of them studied at a catholic school, he might be lost for words quickly and feel a bit frustrated by the constant barrage of abuse coming from the other driver. And when people get frustrated, they can do crazy things.

Things like executing a near-perfect PIT maneuver. That’s the move cops use when pursuing a suspect to bring their car to a halt. The thing is, it’s not always safe to deploy it and that’s why, sometimes, the cops take their time before going ahead with it or constrain from doing it altogether.

But this guy didn’t. He definitely didn’t go to a catholic school as this is taking place in the Middle East, but what we do know just by watching the footage is that he didn’t mind seeing the other driver smashing his car into the concrete barrier.

Watch the clip for yourself and tell us if you think there’s also the possibility there was no real road rage and the guy simply didn’t see the other driver as he pulled quickly to the right to make it to the highway exit. That would quickly turn this incident from a sinister one (if intentional, the move could be filed as “attempted murder”) into a dumb one.

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