If You Can't See the Huge Tanker Coming, What Do You See, Anyway?

Ignorance in traffic is by far one of the biggest issues and one of the top-ranking causes for accidents. Unfortunately, no matter how many campaigns the state would run and how many public safety announcements are made, they will be rather fruitless as long as the same state allows people with little to no training at all to operate vehicles on the streets.
Scooter rider ignores the incoming truck 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Training is essential because it shows people how things work in real life. Old riders or drivers know that even good training is not enough to keep newly-licensed motorists out of trouble, so having a guy taking several hours of theoretical preparation and call it a day is almost like simply not taking any at all.

Traffic experience is surely a thing that builds up in time, and it goes without saying that nobody is born wise. However, one gets to live long enough to start building up experience only if he or she is careful enough to start with.

All road users have the same responsibility

This is where the mighty importance of good theoretical comes into discussion. Spending several hours of "do this, don't do that, stop if you see a red light or a certain road sign" followed by a light exam even a chimpanzee could pass on a good day is not enough.

Future riders who don't have a clue about what they should behave like in traffic put themselves in danger, alongside their passengers and other road users. From a traffic safety point of view, having a guy on a 50cc scooter in the middle of the road is not that different from having one in a car or riding a superbike.

Traffic is the same for all of them, and they all are expected to behave in a similar manner. However, when it comes to certain scooter riders in Asia, this type of awareness and self-preservation seems to be anything but one of their strong points.

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