If You Can Hunt, This ShowHome Tiny House Will Take Care of Everything Else While Off-Grid

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Photo: Tiny Home Romania
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Unlike other industries that may have reached a saturation point, the tiny house movement shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, we're now seeing tiny home manufacturers popping up as far as Eastern Europe and beyond. Time to see what we found nestled in the mountains of Romania, at the border with Ukraine.
If you ever make it to Tiny Home Romania's (THR) website, some of the first words you'll read are "out of passion." That alone should tell you everything you need to know regarding the work we'll be exploring today.

It's called the Tiny ShowHome, and currently, it's the only complete mobile habitat that THR can offer the public. However, money is a fundamental reason why I chose to bring this puppy to light. With that in mind, behold a mobile home sitting atop a three-axle trailer priced at nothing more than €35,000 ($37,100 at current exchange rates). Yes, $37K for a mobile turtle shell that can fit up to two bedrooms, living space, kitchen, bathroom, and hopefully, a wicked solar setup to offer fully independent living.

But there's a catch. For this price, all you get is that striking shell you see. That's it. Still, if we consider that with another $37K, you can whip up a fully functional home, fit with plumbing, electrical, bedding, and all other furnishings, it's one hell of a deal if you ask me. Let's take a closer look to see what's possible.

Like any tiny home manufacturer, THR, too, allows future owners to create the home of their dreams. While the shell is a standard for those that want a sort of DIY home, THR can take over and integrate the features you want into the structure for you. All for an extra buck, of course. Nonetheless, this crew has more experience under their proverbial belts than their website may showcase because you can even opt for a smart and automated home run by Alexa or Google Home services. Everything can be automated, including your curtains, power sockets, coffee machine, and the works. The list is quite long, so give a shout-out to THR and see how you can make your life that much easier.

ShowHome Tiny House
Photo: Tiny Home Romania
More on the sort of modern magic that can be at your fingertips, your ShowHome can be taken completely off-grid. To do so, THR offers systems like rainwater collection and filtration systems, solar panels and the necessary inverters and batteries, incinerator toilets, and water holding tanks, similar to an RV's setup. If you want to go further, again, bust out the cash and speak up.

Now, for me to try and run through all the remaining features of a completed home would be sheer madness. So, to help you get a feeling for what's in store, I invite you on an imaginary trip through a life lived out of a completed ShowHome.

Let's say you wanted a ShowHome that has it all and paid the price to do so. Once you've had your home delivered, you'll want to hitch it up to your truck, sign the paperwork selling your classic landlocked home, and proceed to hit the road, accessing a new stage in your life. As a tip, make sure your truck can carry all 3,500 kilograms (7,716 pounds) of the mobile home you just bought.

Once you've found that hidden corner of the world you've been looking for, stabilize your turtle shell, unhitch your truck, and proceed to live off the land for as long as you have food. If you're good with a hunting knife and traps, stay out there for as long as you want, the ShowHome's systems will be collecting energy and water from the environment. Considering features like the cooktop, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, and everything else function on electric power, you're set with the setup THR has in store. Your AC and heating are designed to operate on energy captured from the sun, too.

ShowHome Tiny House
Photo: Tiny Home Romania
As for the sort of layouts you can access, it all depends on whether your dreams align with the home's working parameters. If you're lacking in any creativity or your ideas are too grand for a ShowHome, THR offers a few ideas to inspire your own creation. Designs include layouts with a massive kitchen, loft storage, and ground-level living room and bedroom, but others are built around two large loft bedrooms with a lower-level living room, galley, and bathroom.

A final feature that THR focuses on is the patio you see in the renderings. According to the manufacturer's website, the deck can be built with modularity in mind, but it needs to be specified exactly what that means. I'm going to take a wild guess and say it means that you can set up a living space, prop an umbrella in place, maybe an awning, or you could integrate a fire pit into it; why not a barbeque?

Honestly, even if my dream ShowHome would reach a price range of up to $100,000, I'd still be ecstatic over the fact that I can live anywhere and with resources drawn from the environment around me. I'd say this is a true and complete off-grid living solution.

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