If DRV's Full House Is Good Enough for Hollywood's Finest, It's Good Enough for Everyone

Full House Toy Hauler 22 photos
Photo: DRV Suites
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Last year, I discovered an American RV manufacturer that’s on a completely different level than most. I’m talking about DRV Suites and their downright luxurious Full House lineup of toy haulers. Break open that deposit box as this one’s going to need about all the bucks you can muster.
Ladies and gents, this is the one and only Full House luxury toy hauler from DRV Suites. Yes, the same DRV that has supplied Jason Mamoa with his own mobile home. Oh, and since they've been active since 2008, you can bet your bottom dollar they know what they're doing. That said, if you want to live it up like some of Hollywood’s most revered, kick back for the next few minutes, and let’s take a trip.

There's just one piece of information I need to bring to light before we hop into a life lived out of a Full House: just how much one costs. Well, this number does depend on a few things, and the first is who your dealer may be. But, on average, a 2024 Full House will empty your pockets of around $150K (€140K at current exchange rates). Again, this is an average price, and some easily fetch more.

Full House Toy Hauler
Photo: DRV Suites
Now, for me to try and run through everything this puppy has to offer would be utter madness, so to give you a proper idea of what we’re in for, I’d like to invite you to simply pretend that you own one of these units; pick any one of the three available floorplans.

Honestly, it kind of doesn’t matter which of these babies you end up purchasing; they all offer the same level of comfort and unforgettable experiences. Oh, and up to six guests can join along on your trips, maybe more if you break out a few sleeping bags or crash in the garage after you’ve liberated the garage of all its mini machines, whichever those may be.

Actually, being a toy hauler, the garage may be the perfect place to begin our journey. Located at the rear of these units, DRV Suites places a massive toy or vehicle garage at our disposal, but the real takeaway here is the presence of drop-down electric queen bedding that can be kept as two split beds or one massive piece.

Full House Toy Hauler
Photo: DRV Suites
Access to this space can also be made via a number of ways, either through the mouth of the beast itself – the ramp door – via a side-step and door or simply from the interior of the living space. Do note that the average length of these garages is around 10 feet, so if it fits, it sits.

Moving forward, I could sit here and mention all the R-ratings that arise due to DRV’s methods of construction, but for this sort of cash, I don’t care what I’m buying, it’d better be keeping me warm at night and cool during the summer, no matter the destination or time of year. Sure, there are limits so keep things within the manufacturer’s suggested parameters.

Now, once you’ve found that spot where you’ll be living it up for the next few days, stabilize your unit, unload the vehicles or toys you brought along, and it’s time to move onto stage two of setting things up. Here, we get to witness the magic of all that DRV stands for, mainly at the press of a button; each floorplan is equipped with numerous slide-outs to not only create a larger space to live in but to have plenty of room for all the creature comforts we see in the image gallery, and then, some we can’t.

Full House Toy Hauler
Photo: DRV Suites
Depending on the floorplan, future owners will be able to find a large master suite with an East-West king-size bedding at the front of the unit, multiple TVs or entertainment centers, both inside and out the Full House, wardrobes, modular dinettes, island kitchens, and bathrooms that make my own landlocked one seem like child’s play.

But, beyond the TVs, tile flooring, sound systems, faux leather seating, fireplaces, and even washing and drying machines, DRV hides an experience that is suitable for off-grid living. For starters, an Onan generator is in place as standard, but it’s the 100 gals of fresh water that are sure to keep things flowing. While there’s no mention of just how large of a battery array you may have at your disposal, DRV does state that the Full house is prepped for solar panels. How much solar depends entirely on you.

While I could sit here and bore you for hours with details about the Full House, the best way to see what’s in store is to simply head down to a local dealership, climb aboard, and go from there. Just be warned: if you’ve been looking for a toy hauler that can do it all, you’re in luck.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Full House floorplans.

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