Idiot VW Golf Driver Makes Strong Plea for Having Highway Dividers Everywhere

They say autonomous cars will end road casualties once the technology becomes widespread enough, but until then, this Volkswagen Golf Mk. II driver has another suggestion.
Golf Mk. II crash 7 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Golf Mk. II crashGolf Mk. II crashGolf Mk. II crashGolf Mk. II crashGolf Mk. II crashGolf Mk. II crash
He's trying to tell everyone that while nobody can keep lousy drivers off the road once they have (somehow) gotten their driver's license, there is at least a way to prevent them from ending other people's lives in most of the cases.

That's because the majority of deadly accidents that don't involve a pedestrian occur either when two cars collide head-on, or when one vehicle moving at speed slams into another that's stationary. In other words, it's the really quick acceleration or deceleration that causes most of the damage.

Two cars that travel in the same direction with relatively the same velocity? They too can crash, sure, but the actual contact between them won't have too severe consequences. What the two cars do afterward, however, is an entirely different story.

They can roll off into the scenery and, eventually, come to a halt. The occupants will be a little shook up but, assuming the car isn't made out of cardboard and everybody's wearing their seatbelts, they should be OK.

They can roll off into the scenery and hit a tree/wall/building/a UFO that just happened to crash there that same instant. Well, here it gets more complicated with a lot of variables involved. Depending on the speed at the moment of impact and angle, things can range from "I'm OK" to "Hi, Saint Peter!"

Finally, they can roll off into the opposite traffic lane and generate one of the head-on collisions we were talking earlier. This is where the dividers come into play. It's also why even though the speed limit is higher, fewer accidents occur on freeways.

This VW Golf driver didn't need a second car to send his vehicle crashing into the fence dividing the two sides of the road. Ignoring the fact he was driving a car that was probably old enough to be his father, the driver was going much faster than he needed to. That's probably why he failed to notice the traffic slowing down, so when he finally did, it forced him into a violent swerve to the left. Which, to his credit, he did indicate for.

Honestly, why he overcorrected so hard to the right once he had gone past that van is beyond us. It was clearly also beyond him as he lost control of the venerable VW and crashed into the fence just as an unsuspecting car was coming the other way. Had the fence not been there, the Golf would have jumped over and, together with the innocent driver and the rest of the people in the car, become another statistic.

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