Ian Poulter Practices His Golf Shots Through the Cabin of a LaFerrari Aperta

Here to deliver to all celebrities a lesson into how you should flex for clout: Ian Poulter. The pro golfer is way past the stage in which he’s merely posing with his supercar collection, and has turned to using them as (training) props.
Ian Poulter practices chip shots through the cabin of his Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, because why not 9 photos
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Ian Poulter isn’t just one of the most accomplished (and richest) pro golfers in the world, he’s also famous for his love of fast, expensive and exclusive cars. He is also one of the 499 owners of a Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, so why not use that to his advantage?

After doing a chip shot into the window of a Mercedes-Benz 4-Door GT Coupe last week and posting the video on Instagram, Poulter is topping his own feat by using the LaFerrari for a similar shot. This time, though, he makes the golf ball pass through both windows and the cabin.

“How else would I practice playing with Ryder Cup pressure,” Poulter says in the caption of the video. Way to play it cool about potentially breaking a window or making a dent on a car that can cost over $4.6 million. You can see the original post in the Instagram embedded below.

Granted, this isn’t your regular golf aficionado risking a hefty repairs bill for the sake of online media attention or those elusive 15 minutes of fame. He is a man who makes a living out of golfing, so you can assume (and probably be very on the mark about it) that every one of his shots is calculated and rehearsed to the death. That doesn’t take anything from his impressive shot, but it does some much-needed context to it.

That said, this LaFerrari isn’t the only exclusive beauty in Poulter’s collection. Just in case he gets more ideas, so you know what to expect. The LaFerrari is part of what he calls his Ferrari Super Five collection (a collection within a collection, if you will), including the 288 GTO, the F40, the F50 and an Enzo. He also owns a Ford GT, a Bentley Continental GT, a Ferrari California, and an Aston Martin DB9.


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