I'll Wear a Helmet from Now On, Maybe

This video should also be filed under the "must show it to the students" label and become a mandatory part of motorcycle riding courses because it shows that things can go wrong at almost any time.
This time, the rider was lucky 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
And when this happens, it's only an individual's luck that can make the difference between walking away from a crash and taking a trip to the ER, especially if no helmet is involved in the story. The rider in the video below, reportedly a Brazilian guy, tested this "theory" on his own body, but something tells us that he might consider spending some money on a helmet after this incident.

Apparently, the accident was caused by a brake malfunction, but this is impossible to verify. We're taking this with a grain of salt, simply because we've seen an awful lot of scooter and moped crashes that were utterly silly and inexplicable.

From the speeding scooter riders in Asia, who seem to be constantly racing or being chased by God knows what terrible menace, to some equally wacky riders in South America, there is a huge world of people who crash in the most "interesting" ways.

Now, this fellow was indeed exceptionally lucky missing the car. Headbutting a stationary vehicle while not wearing a helmet has often proved to be fatal, even when the speed involved was not high.

Whether it's poverty, or ignorance, or a combination of both that causes people to ride without any head protection is still a mystery. Also, the road regulations in such areas are also known to sometimes be way too permissive, perhaps because of the same reasons, thus contributing to the increase in the number of accidents that yield severe injuries and deaths.

Observing the rider's gray hair brings back to mind the words of a wise man: "An old guy who is stupid is more stupid than a young one who is stupid."

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