Hyundai Veloster Races Against LEGO Racing Car in New Ad

In order to promote the Veloster’s inclusion into the car roster of Asphalt 7, which is a racing game for tablets and smartphones, Hyundai have launched a funny little video of a stylized lego version of their car, which is pitted against what appears to be a racing car, complete with spoilers and a hefty body kit.
You may have guessed that the Hyundai wins, but by less than a car-length, hinting at its real-life sporting potential. We know for a fact that the Veloster is actually far from sporty, yet it is quite a sporty car, when compared to other cars in its class - it is no hot hatch.

With a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) time of 8.4 seconds, for the 184 hp European version, performance is on the good side of brisk, but still nowhere near as quick as some may have hoped, especially after laying eyes on it for the first time, as the car’s overall shape, large rims and low ground clearance would suggest otherwise.

We just hope the release a properly hot version of this, as it will undoubtedly make it much more appealing, for a different clientele which is currently ignoring it due to its limited power, yet would want one thanks to its excellent styling.


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