Hyundai Veloster N vs. Honda Civic Type R: Battle of American Hot Hatchbacks

Hyundai Veloster N vs. Honda Civic Type R: Battle of American Hot Hatchbacks 2 photos
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Hyundai Veloster N vs. Honda Civic Type R: Battle of American Hot Hatchbacks
We know how the Hyundai i30 N compares to the Honda Civic Type R in Europe. But what about the Veloster N, which is a slightly different body style tailored to American consumers.
For years, the American hot hatch market was sparsely populated. You could either have an underpowered Golf GTI or the Ford Focus ST, which would explain why the Toyobaru was so popular initially. But with the 10th generation Civic, Honda USA decided enough was enough and brought the Type R over to the States.

It was the daddy of FWD performance cars with a 2-liter engine making an almost unbelievable (for this type of car) 306-hp and 295 lb-ft (399 Nm) of torque. However, it's also quite expensive with a base price starting in the region of $35,000, not taking into account the ridiculous dealer markups.

And that's where the Veloster N fits. The old Veloster was kind of a joke, but this one is based on the right type of platform and in N form can produce as much as 275-hp and 260 lb-ft (352 Nm) of torque. Now, that might not be as much as the Type R, but it's enough to have fun without breaking the bank.

KBB's comparative test is light-hearted, which makes it even more enjoyable. The highlight is where they mention fuel economy only to state that it's not important. Of course, cargo capacity can't be brushed aside, since a hot hatch is supposed to be your only car. And in that regard, the Civic easily dominates its much smaller rival.

There's even a drag race somewhere in there, which the Civic wins. The conclusion of the review is that both cars can be considered winners. In the hands of a competent driver, the Type R can be faster, but the Veloster N is also a compelling package with excellent handling.

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