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Hyundai To Launch Three Smaller Versions of ix35

Hyundai is set to continue the success enjoyed with small and mid-size cars by the launch of three smaller versions of the sexy Hyundai ix35. An all-new small SUV will appear in Latin America and if the public will adore it, the Korean car manufacturer will consider selling it around the Globe.
Hyundai ix35 instrument panel 1 photo
The carmaker’s representatives said in an interview for CarAdvice that they’re going to start with a little five-door hatchback - codenamed HB. Soon after they’ll do a four-door sedan and last but not least the little SUV. Even if the new models will be Brazilian-made, Hyundai won’t reduce the quality of the materials used to built them, nor compromise the cars’ safety standards.

The small car is an answer for Ford’s B-Max and other cars like the Skoda Yeti, the Nissan Juke or the Opel Mokka. They are confident that the B-segment is still in development, so they have to do them in such way that the new models will satisfy potential client’s needs.

Fun fact: Why did we call the ix35 sexy ? Try to flip the tailgate’s script and you’ll find out.


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