Hyundai Developed a Useless Speed Bump Detecting Function

Hyundai Speed Bump Patent 1 photo
Photo: Paul Tan
This is one of the reasons why our cars keep getting heavier and heavier with each new model. Hyundai just announced that they have applied for a patent for a speed bump detection function. That’s is probably the least problem anyone dealt with behind the wheel: noticing and adjusting the speed of your car to the speed bump ahead.
Sure, we need to leave out those low-riding cars that usually have skyrocketing prices. We’re referring to Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other such autos but in the end, even the drivers of such exotics don’t really need a contraption like this.

It feels like car makers simply won’t rely on common sense anymore. But then again, maybe they’re right in assisting new drivers in making their every move. Just think about speed bumps for a while and the concept behind them and you’ll see what I mean.

They didn’t even exist not too long ago and yet they were introduced because the common sense we invoked earlier, seemingly was missing from the vast majority of the drivers on the road.

Getting back to the matter at hand here, this system could also be used for other purposes in the future. That’s because the hardware uses the GPS, a camera and multiple sensors to identify an oncoming speed bump and measure its size, to calculate the proper speed for going over it.

If you’re approaching too fast for comfort, the system will warn you to reduce your speed so that everything runs smoothly. The same system could be used on an autonomous driving car in the future, for the same purpose or in an extended version, to track potholes in the road or big rocks and avoid them.

Until then though, it remains one patent that solves basically no big issue but adds a host of bits and pieces to the mix to make things just a tad bit more complicated.
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