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Hyundai-Backed SES to Officially Launch Game-Changing EV Lithium-Metal Batteries

Earlier this year, it became known that Hyundai was making a large investment in a startup that is going against the lithium-ion-battery current, by developing a different kind of battery. Now, that company is getting ready to officially launch what it describes as the “world’s largest lithium-metal battery.”
SES has developed the world's largest Lithium-Metal battery 6 photos
SES Lithium-Metal BatterySES Lithium-Metal BatterySES Lithium-Metal BatterySES Lithium-Metal BatterySES Lithium-Metal Battery
SES, previously known as SolidEnergy Systems, is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) spin-off, founded in 2012. What’s different about this EV battery maker is that it has developed a different kind of battery, one that promises to be better than conventional Li-Ion batteries, in all aspects. The SES hybrid Li-Metal batteries are supposed to be capable of an 80% charge in less than 15 minutes and enable a longer range, thanks to the high energy density.

Compared to conventional lithium-ion cells that can deliver up to 280 Wh/kg and 730 Wh/l, the SES batteries are estimated to deliver 400 Wh/kg and 1,000 Wh/L. Also, the company’s proprietary AI algorithm is developed which huge amounts of data, which allow it to optimize battery performance, safety, and charging.

Another major advantage of these batteries is that they don’t require a dedicated production technology. According to SES, it has obtained over 15,000 multi-layer hybrid Li-Metal cells on its own production lines that are similar to those used for lithium batteries. This means that future large-scale production won’t require additional costs when it comes to equipment.

The company announced that it will be unveiling its innovative battery at the Battery World 2021 virtual event, taking place on November 3, in the U.S. Similar events will follow in South Korea and China, on November 4.

SES will also announce plans to open the world’s largest Li-Metal battery production facility, which isn’t surprising, considering that the battery maker is supported by big names in the industry, including GM, Hyundai, Geely, and Saic Motors.

I am looking forward to sharing exciting announcements and growth plans that will catapult SES from a battery development company into a full-blown battery supplier over the next decade,” said Dr. Qichao Hu, SES founder and CEO.

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