Hyper 5 Unites Five Amazing Hypercars for an Epic Horsepower Showdown

A few months ago, we randomly stumbled upon a documentary about the power of YouTube. It contained several facts about Justin Bieber and PSY, that guy who made the Gangnam Style, and tried to explain the power of viral media.
Hyper 5 Unites Five Amazing Hypercars for an Epic Showdown with Lots of Horsepower 1 photo
While videos cool enough to go viral usually only happen with singers, kittens and people who film pranks, car shows have also become more diverse thanks to YouTube. Some traditional auto magazines like Motor Trend are now better known for their witty YouTube reviews. Star editors like Chris Harris have also popped up, seemingly out of nowhere.

But the cool thing is that you can now expect interesting car videos from just about anybody with imagination and a camera. We started taking notice of Salomondrin about six months ago, when he filmed several videos of the Challenger Hellcat, which was extremely popular at the time.

After that, we saw several "new money" reviews of the Porsche 918 and Pagani Huayra. The cherry on the cake was probably the first and only YouTube video where a famous adult film actress (August Ames) did a reaction video in a fast car.

That was all very interesting, but we were still shocked to see Salomondrin managed to organize a race between five epic hypercars. We are talking about machines everybody drools over, the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari, Pagani Huayra, and Bugatti Veyron SS.

For now, you can only watch the first of three parts. It's a presentation of all the vehicles and what they stand for. In the coming weeks, drag races and much more will be released as well. Even though none of these hypercars is new, it's rare to see them together on a track.

Everybody treats the Bugatti Veyron as a heavy, obsolete car. However, there are fewer Veyrons than there are LaFerraris (450 vs. 499), plus this is the rarer still Super Sport model. Not only does the Bugatti have a lot more power than the LaFerrari, but it also hits higher speeds.

For now, we can only pick favorites while we wait for the next two parts of this review to come out. In the quarter mile, we suspect the McLaren and Porsche will blitz everybody else. But you never know what to expect with exotics.

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