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Hyosung Plans Small-Displacement Bikes for India

Korean manufacturer Hyosung and their local operations partner in India, DSK Motowheels are planning to enter the fiercest segment in the Asian markets: the 125-150cc class.
Hyosung plans to build small-displacement bikes, too 5 photos
Hyosung GT650RHyosung GT650RHyosung GT650RHyosung GT650R
Already established as a premium producer, Hyosung is selling around 150 bikes a month, and this is great, considering the fact that their machines are not at all the cheapest around. In fact, the bikes assembled in the DSK facility are in the 250cc-650cc range, well outside the high-volume market.

With an eye for this very market, Hyosung and DSK Motowheels are now readying plans for manufacturing several small-displacement machines under 150cc and build one more plant in the vicinity of the existing one in Maharashtra.

The bikes will be sold in the domestic and international markets, and we might just get to see the small Hyosung machines around the world, given the fact that the Korean builder has strong footholds in countries such as the UK, US, Canada and more.


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