“Hybrid” Horror Movie Features Car that Eats People

Since horror movie with ugly aliens, giant angry robots or even killing birds are already history, the next generation of terrifying films seems to bring to our attention the stories with nature taking its part of revenge for the so-much pollution caused to the environment by turning our technological inventions against us.

We're not absolutely sure this is the hidden meaning of the upcoming movie called “Hybrid” featuring a humankind hating car but judging by the scenes from the trailer, this is the only logical explanation that crosses our minds. However, if you intend to watch this horror movie brought to our attention by, be aware: the main Evil character of the film is a sort of muscle car you have definitely not seen before for the specific reason that it doesn't exist for real. This appears to be a true challenge. We've seen enough horror movies with haunted cars, but non with a demonic car... that breathes.

If that sounds scary already, wait to hear the synopsis. It seems that late one night, a mysterious car involved in a deadly traffic accident was brought into the Chicago police garage. Very soon, the garage’s female mechanic, Tilda, and her young, hip fellow mechanics discover the car thinks and doesn't need an engine to run as it breathes. The discovery that the car is in fact a killing machine capable of “outrunning and outwitting humans” is completely shocking.

Unfortunately that's all we got regarding the plot, but you can still delight yourself with some images from the trailer if you're courageous enough to watch them. Although horror movies are not our main concern, we are really curious to see what a haunted car is capable of, so be sure we will speak again about the humanity hating vehicle as soon as we get more info about "a car to die for".


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