Husqvarna Presents Mille 3 Concept Bike

Hosqvarna Mille 3 conceptHosqvarna Mille 3 conceptHosqvarna Mille 3 conceptHosqvarna Mille 3 conceptHosqvarna Mille 3 conceptHosqvarna Mille 3 conceptHosqvarna Mille 3 concept
The latest contraption coming from Husqvarna Motorcycles, a subsidiary of BMW, is a V3, cruiser/sportsbike crosser concept, dubbed Mille 3. Albeit it’s not designed for production, the Mille 3 can still fill a lot of dreams for the Husky fans.

The 933cc engine in the Mille 3 uses three cylinders from the company’s single-cylinder off-road range arranged on a common crankcase. In fact, thanks to the unusual layout of separate cooling systems (one in two cylinders, one vertical cylinder), the engine gives the impression of being a single cylinder.

The bodywork draws clear inspiration from Husqvarna's off-roaders, the wheels and brakes from a supermoto, but with cruiser-sized fat tires.

The steel chassis brings back the classic Husqvarna central "tubone" design, a single-piece tubular form. The double rear beam with aluminium stays is fitted to the outside of the chassis uprights.

The concept’s wheelbase is long and the seat extremely low. However, the high performance brakes, adjustable suspension and powerful twin exhaust make it a true sportsbike. The rearward position of the footrests and the off-road handlebars make the driving posture energetic and aggressive.

"Emotion is irrational, curiosity is a gift, and anti-conformism is innate. With the concept study "Mille3", Husqvarna has given form to its vision of biking, diverse and – it goes without saying - innovative. It is a combination of emotion, curiosity and anti-conformism, moulded in an original form,”
Husqvarna say of the Mille 3.

"A bike that is complete, but stripped down; elegant, but slightly threatening. An explosive mixture that appeals to all the senses and sets a new benchmark for future Husqvarna bikes.”


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